10,000 NFTs to unlock access to every app built by 0x3 Studio. Starting price: Ξ0.0001
(100% made of organic gelatin)


JellyBots are 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.


There are 233 traits in the JellyBots ecosystem, ensuring an ideal rarity balance.


JellyBots are up to 100x more efficient than humans.


We have only one power, but it's enough to make your life incredibly better: we unlock access to all applications built by 0x3 Studio. Yep, all apps.

Wanna see a preview of what apps you'll unlock? Take a look at their website.

Oh yeah and it's OK to use us as a profile picture if that's your thing. We're not here to judge. We're known to be good looking, so...


I have access for free to every web app in the world?!?

No, only the apps built by 0x3 Studio, you stupid human.

What's an NFT?

Oh, man... We suggest starting from the OpenSea definition, and only buying when you're fully comfortable with the concept.

I have a good idea for a dApp

Every owner of a JellyBot is cordially invited to the 0x3 Discord. There, you can suggest apps to build, and even get a sneak peek of what they're working on.

My JellyBot is not working, how to fix it?

You're using it wrong. Try to upgrade your pathetic human firmware to something more up-to-date... like Brain 2.0.

Why a JellyBot and not an NFT pass?

We believe a JellyBot is much more appealing than a boring card floating in space... I mean look at us. Come on.

How much?!

We are using a dynamic price: it starts at Ξ0.0001 and every mint increases the price of Ξ0.0001. So it's (extremely) good for early adopters. The mint price will become relatively high at some point, but the goal is to release enough stuff to keep the mint price attractive all along. This is also a way to prove 0x3 Studio will work on this collection for a long time, as it will be the most important source of income for the studio.

Who's building this?

As we have already said at least 10 times, it's been created by the decent humans of 0x3 Studio (@vinchbat is especially nice, the two others are meh).